Christian Counselor Training and Certification

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.”  Proverbs 11:14 NASB


Thank you for your interest in PCCCA’s Biblically-based, Christian Counselor Training and Certification Program, recently updated and expanded.

Now Offered In Two Versions to Suit Your Needs

~ Premier (1-to-1) Training

~ Signature (Independent Study) Training

Who Is This Training Designed For? * Professional counselors who want a better Biblical foundation for the work they do. * Pastors, pastors’ wives and others in lay or leadership positions in churches and ministries. * Those who are chaplains in various capacities and want the biblical foundation and tools to help the people they provide services for. * Christian coaches who want to offer a greater range of services to their clients and community. * Individuals who want to learn Christian counseling skills to help those around them. * Those who intend to use counseling in their community, provided their state regulations allow working for remuneration as an ordained member of clergy or as a pastoral counselor.

In February 2010, we offered prospective students the opportunity to help us design this program for you by responding to a survey where hundreds of you told us what you want and need in a Christian counseling program. We included factors such as training methods, program features, value / benefits options, and an opportunity to tell us which topics will be most helpful to you.
The result is the program that you helped to design so that you could provide counseling excellence for those who seek your assistance. It is our constant prayer that you achieve everything God has for you to do and it is our honor to support you with training to make your dreams and visions possible.